2008-NOV-22 Minutes

Idaho Table Grape Association
General Members Meeting
November 22, 2008

Attendance: Vice President Kevin Marshall, Secretary Suzanne Comontofski, 3 year Board Member
John Davis a total of 23 people attended the meeting

Meeting Convenes: Vice President Kevin Marshall called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. at the University of Idaho Parma Research Center located at 29603 U of I Lane, Parma ID. Vice President Kevin Marshall began the meeting explaining to the membership that the President Greg Bogle had resigned his position of President for personal reasons. Kevin also explained that he also has resigned his position of Vice President citing personal reasons. He also explained that Suzanne Comontofski has also resigned as Secretary for personal reasons. Robert Barnes the Treasurer also acknowledges that his term was up and did not wish to run. There was a full list of offices to be filled written on the black board for the members review. The offices to fill were President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Year Board Member, 2 Year Board Member and 1 Year Board Member.

Vice President Kevin Marshall opened the floor to nominations for the office of President. John Davis and Mark Allen were nominated and accepted the nomination, the vote was taken and John Davis was elected by the members as President.

New President John Davis opened the nominations for Vice President.
Nominated for Vice President was Ken Africa, Pat King and Mark Allen all accepted the nominations, the vote was taken and Ken Africa was elected Vice President.

Nominations for Treasurer opened Pat King, Joe Morton, Mark Allen and Cindy Chumley nominated all accepted the nominations, a vote by the members elected Joe Morton as the Treasurer

Nominations for Secretary opened and Cindy Chumley and Pat Phillips were nominated, Pat Phillips declined the nomination, Cindy Chumley accepted the nomination, a vote by unanimous vote by member to elect Cindy Chumley as Secretary.

Nominations for one 3 Year Board Member were Pat King, Mark Allen and Pat Phillips, a vote taken and Mark Allen was elected 3 Year Board Member.

Nominations for one 2 Year Board Member were Pat King, Pat Phillips and Bob Scott, a voted taken and Bob Scott is elected 2 Year Board Member.

Nominations for 1 Year Board Member were Pat King and Pat Phillips a voted taken and Pat Phillips was elected 1 Year Board Member.

Marketing Products: Discussion was open about Marketing of our products.
A member reminded Members that Marketing Committee had information to present. Bill Sargent committee chair turned the findings over to Jonathon Demcak who presented information on the Idaho Preferred and Buy Idaho programs. New logo and how important the logo is for branding our products.

Tom Elias asked for the floor and made a short speech thanking the past officers for their service. And that people like Jonathan are the future of the ITGA. Jonathon is just 18 years old, but is an important member of the Marketing Committee.

Essie asked for the floor and made a short speech thanking the past officers for their wonderful service.

Kevin asked for the floor and expressed his willingness to work with all of us in the future.

Discussion as to if the ITGA should join Idaho Preferred and Buy Idaho programs.
Motion was made to join both organizations.

Discussion of cost to join came up and cost would be $100 for each per year.

Discussion as to what funds we have available came up.

Treasurer’s Report: Robert Barnes presented and distributed the Treasurer’s report and it was accepted.

Motion was made to join both organizations & seconded. Vote was in favor of joining.

Due’s Date: Motion made to set a specific date Association Dues are to be paid.
Voted and Official Dues date is January 1 of each year. By laws will be reviewed.

Web Site: Discussion as to who should take care of the web site. Joe Morton volunteered and he was appointed as web master.

ITGA Name: Discussions were open for the possibility of a name for our association. The purpose of the name change is to be more inclusive, there by making us a more regional organization, not just a state name organization.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made and passed at 12:00 p.m.

President John Davis asked that the newly elected officers stay for a short Board meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Chumley
ITGA Secretary

Initials Date:

President Vice Pres. Treasurer 3 Year BOD 2 Year BOD 1 Year BOD

Signed hard copy original will be filed in minute book.

2008-November-22 ITGA General Members Meeting Minutes.doc

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