2009-JAN-17 Minutes

Snake River Table Grape Growers Association
General Members Meeting
January 17, 2009

Attendance: All Board of Directors were in attendance, Member and Friends of Table Grapes.

Meeting Convenes: President John Davis called the meeting to order at 10:00 P.M. in the University of Idaho Parma Research Center at 29603 U of I Lane, Parma ID

Meeting Called to Order: By President John Davis

Reading of Minutes: One change to minutes, item noted and stricken from record. Minutes then were accepted.


• Call to Order.
• Reading and acceptance of the minutes.
• New Business
1. Accept name change.
2. Accept by-laws
3. 2009 Financial Report /Budget
4. Ken Africa – Committee Inquiries
5. Sales Committee
6. Marketing Committee Report on Buy Idaho & Idaho Preferred (Guest Speaker)
7. Educational/Research
8. Introduction and review of Table Grape Growing & Maintenance and Time Line
Check List.
9. Website
10. Up coming events

Essie : Gave a short talk on what happened at the last NWCSFR priority setting conference.
That for things to change the pressure has got to come for the industry itself. Other wise the change will not happen. That will take support from us. He also explained he has no funding in 2009 for table grapes. That the cost of maintaining current project is around $20,000.00 per year for current research projects. He also explained he was currently testing new varieties of grapes that California is also testing at the same time he is. The new varieties may be very promising to the industry.
Someone asked, is the NWCSR his only source for funding? He told them that he was working on a Federal Funding option along with UT, WA, & AZ., for table grapes but doesn’t know anything yet.
Then someone asked him how can we as the association help raise money for the next year?
One of the best ways is to ask Greg Bocah to get funding through a Hatch. That we need to convince
him to start a Hatch Project.

Guest Speaker: Kim Paulson from Idaho Preferred.
She gave an extensive over view as to where the Idaho Preferred Program can help us in finding markets and marketing of our product.

Motion: By Bob Scott to accept the organizations name to be change officially to Snake River Table Grape Growers Association.
Discussion was open and talked about the change. Vote Taken.
Motion: Passed

Presentation: By Pat Phillips as Chair of the By-Laws Committee.
Discussion was open and talked about.
Motion: To Accept the By-law subject to legal review.
Vote Taken Motion: Passed unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: Joe Morton presented the report.
Current Assets as of Jan. 17, 2009 are $2047.51.
Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Motion: By Bob Scott
That the SRTGGA should set aside up to 5% of net income for education and research committee to allocate to research , every year, then funds given to Essie’s table grape research.
Vote was taken:
Motion: Passed unanimously

Committee Inquiries:
Ken explained that some committees have been merged into 3 standing committees.
• Marketing & Sales
• Research & Education
• Membership

Ken asked who is on Research and Education committee, Joe Morton, Mark Allen, Linda Overman, Tom Elias and Ross Hadfield.

Sales & Marketing:
Mark Allen gave a presentation on how we should think big and gave us some conservative figures based on our production as to how many acres; pounds could be produced and sold.

He felt that by pooling our 1st grade grapes that we can get them sold. Also there is still a market for #2’s & #3’s.

He suggested that we have a community cold storage for our members, so that the grapes could be picked and stored within a 5 hour time window.
He is also looking into the possibility of SO2 gas for storage.

He asked for Questions and input.

Good PR:
John showed the members a picture of the positive PR we had received when Essie and Ron Mann presented a basket of fruit to Governor Otter one day before his trade mission. He was really pleased with the fruits and exceptionally pleased with the Grapes and posed for a photo with one of the clusters of Emeralds grown at the Parma Site. John show showed the picture that was signed by the Governor.

Marketing Committee:
Jonathan talked about working with Idaho Preferred to open up new markets.
That the SRTGGA will be opening up to the members a contest to redesign the logo to brand us.
That members could submit ideas for a logo graphic and motto and winner would receive a 1 year membership free.

Old ITGA Boxes: John wanted to find out how many boxes we still had out there among the members.
Ken-50, Tom-130, Linda-150
John talked about stickers for the boxes.

Table Grape Growing & Maintenance and Time Line Check List:
John introduced the check list and went over it with members. A time line was handed out to each person.

John told everyone that SRTGGA will hold a Pruning Workshop Feb. 28th. More info to come.

Grape Tasting:
Linda Overman brought in some of her Jupiter’s which she had stored. They were picked in Sept and were still in good shape as of date of this meeting. She had them in cold storage at 32-31 degree temperature. They did not have S02 and they still had good crunch, taste and color.

Bob Scott asked if our group could make recommendations on which variety to plant?
The group came up with the top three being Alborz, Emerald, Jupiter were the best for this climate.
Many others were discussed and pros and cons along with the other discussed grapes.

Table Grape School:

Feb. 28, 2009 .

This class is held weather permitting, if cancelled will notify by e-mail and phone calls.

Cluster Cutting and Thinning:
Class is scheduled for June 13, 2009, more info to come.

Research and Fund:

Mark Allen gave the members an overview of the NWCSFR Northwest Center for Small Fruit Research. He drew the structure of the group on the board. Showing members how USDA allocated funds to ARS Agriculture Research Service.
ARS then allocates it to different research center though out the nation. NWCSFR is the one that receives the funding for the three states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon. They work in tandem with the Universities of for each the states the University of Oregon, Corvallis Or., University of Idaho, and Washington State University. According to Mr. Allen the NWCSFR has receive funding in the amount of 4.4 Million in 2008. Competitive Grants are given in the amounts of $35, 000 grant to projects who go through a Peer Review and are scored to see who gets the grants. Uof I has received some funds over the years, but have not gotten any for quite some time now. The process seems to be skewed toward certain industries and states. Table grape research has received very little in comparison to the overall amount available.
Mr. Allen was able to score a seat on the Advisory Committee. SRTGGA has created a Liaison Committee under SRTGGA Education/Research committee heading, of which Mark Allen and Joe Morton will have liaison responsibilities to the NWCSFR. Also Mark Allen & Joe Morton would try to be seated on the Peer Review Committees of NWCSFR in the coming year and years to come. That this type of funding is industry driven and we need to become more involved to the necessary changes in the allocation of these funds. Joe Morton said he would be happy to help in a liaison role to the Government Committee in D.C. also., as he has some D.C. connections that could be of some help.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made and passed at 1: 00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Chumley
SRTGGA Secretary

Initials Date:

President Vice Pres. Treasurer 3 Year BOD 2 Year BOD 1 Year BOD

Signed hard copy original will be filed in minutes book.

2009-JANUARY 17-SRTGGA General Members Meeting Minutes.doc

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