2009-June-13 Minutes

Snake River Table Grape Growers Association
General Members Meeting
June, 13, 2009

Attendance: All Board of Directors were in attendance with the exception of John Davis, Members and Friends of Table Grapes were in attendance.

Location: University of Idaho
Parma Research and Extension Center
29603 U of I Lane
Parma, ID WHO

9:00 A.M.

Agenda Items:
Vice President
Ken Africa

1. Approval of the minutes
2. Treasurers Report Joe Morton
3. Presentation by Farm Bureau representative on crop insurance (30 to 45) minutes. Loren West
4. Presentation of Sales & Marketing Committee
Co-Chairs. Jonathan Demcak
Mark Allen
5. Status of Boxes Jonathan Demcak
6. Amend by laws, Article XIV-Committees,
Section 14.1….. Standing Committee Chairpersons shall be members of the BOD.

7. Bird Netting Pat Phillips
8. Issues concerning the Parma Station. Dr. Essie Fallahi
9. Funding for Research Cindy Chumley
10. Adjourn Members Meeting

11:00 A.M.
Dr. Essie Fallahi

Meeting Convenes: Vice President Ken Africa called the meeting to order at 9:15 A.M. at the University of Idaho, Parma Research Center at 29603 U of I Lane, Parma ID

Minutes Approved: For Last member meeting of Feb. 28, 2009.

Treasurers Report: Joe Morton report a balance of $1,600.00
Treasurers Report: Accepted

Speakers: Loren West and Don Jones from American Farm Bureau Insurance.

Loren explained that currently they could offer Crop Hail Insurance on Grapes which covers only wind and hail. They are hoping to be able of offer MIPI (Multi Peril Insurance) as soon as the RMA Government Agency allows for them to provide it for Grapes in this area.

Sales & Marketing Committee Report:

Co Chair Jonathan Demcak presented the following:

Slogan Contest Winner: Kevin Marshall for the slogan “Taste the Sweetness” he has won a 1 year membership for 2010.

Trademark Slogan: Jonathan then explained that we should have the slogan trademarked and the cost would be about $425.00.

Idaho Preferred Update: Jonathan also explained to the members that by joining Idaho Preferred the SRTGGA was able to make significant contacts in the School Districts, Chefs, FSA, Sysco and Albertsons.
That because SRTGGA attended some of these events all seem very interested in getting our product.

• Sysco foods distributes to restaurants, school districts and large instructional food service companies.
• FSA distribute to schools hospitals and are getting into retail stores. We were told that they will start moving products to the Portland region.
• Muir distributes mainly in Utah school districts and some sales in Sun Valley and some Idaho markets.
• Albertson’s has agreed to test our product for a period of 6 weeks during the Buy Idaho campaign
at all their stores.
• Wissel Farms are capable of picking up product and taking it to their markets.
• Alternative Markets included, Co-op McFadden, & CSA’s.
• Other alternatives to pursue Trader Joe’s, Wild Oats and Whole Foods.

Cold Storage Issues: Jonathan explained to the member our biggest obstacle is the cold storage. All of our buyers want the product pre-cooled. Most cold storage facilities were reluctant to commit as most of the space we would use competes with already dedicated storage to other commodities harvested at the same time as ours. Also the cost to capitalize it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 up front money. Our organization would not be able to come up with that kind of capital.

Sale of 2009 Harvest: Marketing and Sales Committee, Co-Chair, Jonathan Demcak, announced that it is the recommendation of the SRTGGA Marketing and Sales Committee along with the full support of the Board that we sale the majority of product through Brian Frost of Sunriver. Mr. Frost has offered to capitalize the cold storage for our growers who sign contacts with him. The cost of the storage for each grower would be taken out of the proceeds of the sale of their product. A copy of the Sunriver contract agreement was handed out to the members for review. Those who are interested in talking to Mr. Frost may do so after the meeting.

What our Growers will need to focus on:
Mark Allen Co-Chair presented the following. Mark explained that we can be assured that our product will be sold if our growers focus on Product Quality. Other issues that the Marketing and Sales committee will be working on and hammering out the details on are the storage with Sunriver, SO2 pads and transportation getting our product to market.

Mark also explained that we will be breaking new ground this year with the Buy Local Campaign, by educating our local consumers that we have a different and far more superior product than California grapes. He also asked our farmers to consider helping by volunteering to hand out samples at the Idaho Preferred campaign at all Albertson’s stores this fall. We believe that once people taste our product, they will prefer our grapes. He also talked about pallets, size and type available more information will be forth coming as we get closer to harvest. For now prices seem to be about $7.00 per pallet depending on if you want hard wood or soft wood, the sized price was 40X48.

Packaging Cost: Jonathan presented the below information as a handout.
Estimated Packaging Cost:
Bags $.05, Boxes $1.50 tentative, Pallets $7.00, Wrapping $?, Corner Boards $?,
SO2 and Absorbent pads, $.16/piece Total for packed box – $.32, $.08/Piece
Cost per pallet
Pads – $28.80, Boxes – $135, Pallets – $7
There are 90 boxes to a pallet
Bags – $40.50

Cost per pound
Pads – $.02
Boxes – $.08
Pallets – $.004
Bags – $.10

Netting Presentation and Hand out: Pat Phillips

Pat hand out the following information listed below at this meeting:

June 13, 2009

To the Membership:

In searching for netting, we contacted the following companies:
American Netting Ferndale, WA 1-800-811-7444
Redden, Ltd. Canada 1-866-233-1422
Smart Net Systems Comox, BC 1-250-890-0841
Plantra Linde Vineyard Supply, Albany, OR

American Netting said they were geared more to the backyard gardeners and were too expensive for the quantities we need. He referred us to Planta.

Redden ships out of Fresno, CA and the freight per roll of 17’x 5000 was $80. Cost per roll was $869 of the medium weight.

Ken Line, Albany, gave me a quote per roll delivered to Ontario, OR, of 17’x2000’ of $381.60 for BareHand netting, life 5 years.

To figure your needs, multiply the length of you rows by the number of rows. For smaller growers, I suggest going together and splitting a roll. As a check, 5 acres of 8’x10’ spacing will require 12 rolls of 2000’ each.

We need to order now to get the material for this season. If you wish to order by June 17, contact Pat Phillips pat@tomphillipsagency.com or call 541-881-9501.

Pat also presented a CD on how to apply the netting.

While the CD was playing the BOD met in the next room for a brief Board of Directors Meeting.

Mini BOD Meeting:
Review of Dr. Fallahi and SRTGGA Block Grant proposal.
The BOD reviewed the Block Grant Proposal paper work.
Motion: By Bob Scott to support the proposal and move forward to pursue the Grant.
Motion: 2nd by Joe Morton
Motion: Passed
Mini BOD Meeting Adjourned and BOD returned to General Members meeting.

Pat fielded questions about the netting.

Motion: By Bob Scott on agenda item #6 to accept standing committee chairs as a BOD member.

6. Amend by laws, Article XIV-Committees,
Bylaws: Section 14.1….. Standing Committee Chairpersons shall be members of the BOD.

Motion: 2nd by Fontella
Question: None
Vote taken
Motion: Passed

Motion: By Bob Scott Appointment of Jonathan Demcak to BOD.
Discussion: What will be the term of this BOD member? Length of term will be 3 years.
Question Call:
Vote taken
Motion: Passed

Issues Concerning the Parma Station: Presented by Dr. Essie Fallahi
Essie explained to us the new reason for the rejection letter of this year’s grant proposal for funding from the Northwest Center for Small Fruit Research NCFSFR. This time the proposal was 1 page to long.
Moving past this latest rejection he proposed that we try for a block grant for specialty crops through ISDA.

He said that the SRTGGA needs to send in the proposal of which he would help write. This would give us a better change of getting it if the proposal comes from the industry. He explained what the grant proposal is for and how much it would be for. He would head up the research and ask that a group of our member farmers would be considered cooperators in the grant project.

Next Dr. Fallahi explained to us that the University of Idaho has mandated an 11.5 % budget cut for the University. Some research centers would be closed or restructured to meet this mandate. He told us that a meeting has been scheduled for Thursday June 18, 2009 of which the Dean would be speaking to a group of people to explain what will happen to the Parma Station. Ron Mann has been invited to attend.

Our members asked what we could do to help. Dr. Fallahi encouraged us to write the Dean, and our legislators, governor about the issues.

Discussion on what we should do as a group?

Motion: To send e-mails/letters to the appropriate people before Tuesday of next week.
Motion: Passed Unanimously

Members asked for some talking points that could be posted on the web site and sent to members for them to proceed to sent letters/e-mail of support for the Parma Site.

Bob Scott told the members he would come up with a sample set of talking points and then we would
e-mailed them to the members to use.

Members brought up an article in the Capitol Press about the possible closure of a number of research centers. They wanted to know what date it ran. Someone said they saw it in April or May so the news had been out for some time now.

Funding for Research Presentation: Cindy Chumley
Presentation to Members at 06/13/2009 Member Meeting.
We would like to create a Fund for Table Grape Research through the University of Idaho Foundation. By establishing this fund through the University, Research dollars can be accessed by Dr. Fallahi to continue Table Grape Research. This is the mechanism that the University uses to get funds to the research projects.
This fund would be designated/restricted specifically for Table Grape Research.
And where will the funds come from?
Well the funds will come from people like you and I, the growers, vendors, possibly grants and fund raisers.
Some of the advantages of giving through the University is your gift is tax deductible. You will be able take it off your state taxes as a charitable donation at a higher rate because it is a school. So if you want to lower your tax bill, please donate and reduce the amount Uncle Sam gets from you.
I am asking all of you to support for Table Grape Research by donating toward this fund. Thereby ensuring that our industry will continue to grow and move forward.
My husband I personally would like to start this off, by donating $200.00. I hope to add more as we can.
If any of you would like to donate, please see me later today.
Do any of you have any question?
If you want to write a check it must be written to University of Idaho. Memo Notation Say: For Table Grape Research Fund.
Thank you!

Questions: Does U of I charge a fee? Yes they charge a 3% fee
of any new money coming in the door. That would be the only fee.

Motion: To move forward to establish a fund for table grape research through Uof I Foundation.
Motion: 2nd
Vote taken
Motion: Passed Unanimously

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made and passed at 11:30 p.m.
Members to the field for Cluster Thinning and Pruning Workshop
The workshop ended at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cindy Chumley
SRTGGA, Secretary

Initials Date:

President Vice Pres. Treasurer 3 Year BOD 2 Year BOD 1 Year BOD

Signed hard copy original will be filed in minute’s book.

2009-June-13-SRTGGA General Members Meeting Minutes.doc

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