2009-AUG-04 Minutes

Snake River Table Grape Growers Association
General Members Meeting
August 04, 2009

Attendance: All Board of Directors and approximately 30 other people that including members and friends of table grapes.

Meeting Convenes: President John Davis called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. at the U of I, Caldwell Incubator Center 1904 E. Chicago Street, Caldwell Idaho.

AUGUST 4, 2009

Location: University of Idaho
Caldwell Incubator Center
1904 E. Chicago Street
Caldwell , ID (Room Located behind incubator) WHO
5:45 P.M Jim Tommey will offer a tour of the U of I commercial kitchen for Members who want to come early to view it. Tom Tommey

6:00 P.M.

Agenda Items:
John Davis

1. Approval of the minutes
2. Treasurers Report Joe Morton
3. Harvest Discussion John Davis
4. Harvest Procedures With Sunriver Brian Frost
Gary Rohman
5. Supplies distributed after meeting for members who have ordered.

Minutes Approved: For Last Members Meeting held for June, 13, 2009.

Treasurers Report: Accepted

As of Aug. 04, 2009
Bank Amount
Zions $8,710.15
Cascade $1,035.40
John introduced Brian Frost and Gary Rohman from Sunriver.
Brian and Gary gave a presentation of how harvest is conducted in California.
They explained the process of collecting the fruit and boxing and bagging the fruit.
They explained the quality of color and sizes needed to sell as a commercial product.
They went over picking and delivery times for storage.
They urged grower to keep accurate records of their product.

Presentation concluded at 7:30 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned

Growers Pick up Harvest Supplies They Had Order….

2009-August-04-SRTGGA-General Members Meeting Minutes.doc

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