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Essie’s Corner (Dr. Esmaeil Fallahi, University of Idaho Parma Research Center)

In this section, Dr. Esmaeil Fallahi provides new and interesting ideas, advice, information, and tips about the Idaho table grape production and research. Essie started his research of Idaho table grapes in 1989, when no one imagined that this crop could be produced on a large scale. While working intensively on all deciduous fruits, he has intensified his efforts on table grape research, including variety selection, crop and cluster adjustment, canopy design, nutrition, and bio-regulators. In addition to this website, you can find the history of Essie’s research activities in fruit crops including wine and table grapes during the last 3 decades at His research activities are reflected in over 220 publications in forms of books, book chapters, and scientific papers and invited presentations to many states and over 30 countries. He is also publishing a new book on Table Grape Production in Idaho and the Pacific NorthWest. With classes and field days, and with support, assistance and suggestions from the SRTGGA , Essie can help strengthen this energetic and exciting new table grape industry. Our table grape industry in Idaho is the leader in the Pacific Northwest. All of us at the Snake River Table Grape Growers Association will make our best effort to lead in the production of highest quality table grape with unsurpassed flavor and set the example for the rest of the Pacific Northwest. Please check Essie’s Corner periodically for new information and materials.

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Table Grape Research

Essie’s Update 4.23.11

This important note for dormant chemical application and chemical mixing was sent by Essie and you should read it carefully.

Dear Grape Growers;

Late-Dorrnant stage is the best stage to spray table grapes and these days ,we are at that stage. This is the stage that buds are swelled but not opened. If you delay too long, you may injure the plant. In our  spray program, we spray Dorrnant oil combined with Lorsban at this stage (follow rates and labels). Please be aware that in some oil formulations, mixing oil and sulfur sprays at the same time are not recommended. They recommend  spray 10 days after oil spray. Since every formulation is different, I strongly recommend that you Follow the Label Before Using and Mixing any chemical. Please look at the following precaution from the Superior Oil NW. label as an example.

“USE PRECAUTIONS To avoid injury to trees, vines, fruit or foliage, observe the following precautions when using emulsiflable spray oils. WHEN USING SUPERIOR SPRAY OIL N.W. AS A TANK MIX WITH OTHER PRODUCTS, FOLLOW ALL LIMITATIONS, PRECAUTIONS AND RATE RECOMMENDATIONS WHICH APPEAR ON THE LABEL OF THE COMPANION PRODUCTS. D0 not Combine SUPERIOR SPRAY OIL N.W. with sulfur sprays.

For Grapes: Do not apply sulfur within 10 days of an oil application. For all other crops, do not apply micronized sulfur within 10 days of an oil application and do not apply oil within 14 days of an application of wettable or dusting sulfur.”

Dr. Esmaeíl “Essie” Fallahí

Professor and Director of Pomology Program University of Idaho, 29603 U of I Lane

Parma, Idaho 83660, U.S.A.

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