About us

Members of the Snake River Table Grape Growers Association grow several delicious varieties of commercial table grapes in Idaho and surrounding areas. This relatively new industry produces grapes that ripen in late summer and fall, after the season is finished in growing areas like California, providing growers with local, national and international markets for their fruit.The table grape industry is in its infancy. During the past decade, the number of growers and acres of grapes planted has steadily increased.  Most growers have standardized on a red flame type of grape called Alborz, although many growers have additional varieties as well.



The mission of the Snake River Table Grape Growers’ Association (SRTGGA) is to promote production, sales, and marketing and to seek means for research, education, and development of highly competitive table grapes for Idaho. In this process, SRTGGA welcomes participation of neighboring states with similar climatic conditions.

The Purpose Of The Association:

a. To support and encourage the growing of table grapes and products both for commercial as well as family gardeners.

b. To serve as the information exchange and coordination point for groups and individuals within the table grape industry.

c. To promote the value of the industry to the public in order to increase economic benefits.

d. To work together towards the expansion of the table grape industry along the Snake River and to foster a business climate that supports table grape production and its various components.

e. To provide educational programs associated with viticulture to the membership and to the general public which encourages the cultivation of table grapes using ecologically sound and sustainable agricultural practices.

f. To provide advisory support to community activities associated with table grape growing and table grape quality appreciation.

g. To promote continuing research on the economical growing of suitable table grape varieties.