February 13, 2016

Upcoming Events

UI Fruit Pruning Class February 13, 2016 Saturday         9:00 A.M. At Camille Beckman’s Eagle Idaho


 Basics of Idaho Fruit Production and Tree Pruning with Dr. Esmaeil Fallahi 

(9am-afternoon) – FREE RSVP to Debby Lea Clancy at dclancy@canyonco.org or call Debby Lea at 459-6003. 

·         Camille Beckman Factory & Orchard, 175 S. Rosebud Lane in Eagle, ID

o   Classroom:  9am-lunch

o   Bring Sack lunch & dress in layers for the weather

o   Hands-on Pruning Demonstration: after lunch (bring your own tree pruning tools)